My top 10

What I learned on THE CAMINO!

  1. Finding out who you are is knowing your mother and father and their history. We become our mothers and fathers, but learning to take only the positive traits from each and acknowledge the negatives is critical for us to become better moms and dads for our children.
  2. Love is the greatest gift in the world
  3. Finding the truth and telling the truth will set you free.
  4. The most important truths are the ones you are most scared to talk about.
  5. Just because I think something is correct, does not mean it’s correct.
  6. Actions are way more important than words.
  7. Everyone has a story, that story includes success and failures
  8. The quote “what about you” will stick with me forever! (Pope Francis)
  9. Simplicity is liberating.
  10. I will continue to spend money on experiences, its so worth it!

Pay Attention When Peeing In the Wilderness!!

Day 2 Updates

Jimbo and I had breakfast with a group of 3 brothers, all doctors, from San Antonio. This is actually the second day we have all stayed in the same hotel in different towns.

I ran into Tim for the second time in consecutive days in the first mile of todays 15.5 mile walk.   I decided to walk with him for a while as the day previous it was the typical, “where are you from in the states” and then you move along.  Tim is by far the biggest body I have see on my walk, he must be pushing 350-400 lbs.  He was a gentle giant but i could tell something was bothering him.  He spoke of failing his mother, which i just listened to his story.  I hope I get to see Tim again:)

My first restroom break was shortly after leaving my chat with Tim. I must have been doing some serious day dreaming as about 10 feet where I decided to go pee there was a little old lady, had to be at least 60 (solid white hair) who was doing the same thing. She waived!!!   OMG, I was really embarrassed.  I moved my pee string to the south for respect and hopped back on the trail.

I have a great friend of mine who is agnostic tell me his God is in the wilderness.  I have to admit, I could not relate to this idea simply because I am not a hiker or a camper.  I believe today gave me an insight to his ability to find peace in the wilderness.  The hike today was incredibly peaceful up until I took out my prayer list and looked at the difficult situations that others are facing.



On my flight overseas I was cleaning out my desktop and found a bunch of notes from a random Sunday a few years ago.   While the rest of the world watches football on Sunday, I tend  to watch the OWN network, specifically Super Soul Sunday’s!!  (yep, you heard that correct!)

I have a huge respect for Oprah for many reasons but mainly because she is forever trying to help us find our PURPOSE.  While the main stream wants to only discount others and point fingers at whats wrong with the world, she liberates us with hope.   Here are is a copy and pasting of my notes from that Sunday.

Notes: Our Movie

God is the Director, he will support you, not be negative toward you and he will always be truthful to you. He also will not turn his back on you .

We can do two things in the movie, 1.Preparing for the moment, 2. how you react to the moment. God is in control of that moment.

What is success? Peace and Purpose

Athentic Power: Use your personality and purpose to work with your spirit.

Stay in your own movie, don’t worry about everyone else movie and continue to refine your own script. Be the best you can be.

Faith: Belief in God

Believe in yourself

There is no movie without conflict, or testing to make us stronger. Conflict helps us understand and manage what is coming to us.

So what does this have to do with me walking he Camino?   I am not sure but here is Day one highlights:

  1. Jimbo made it only 5 kilometers (He may not have prepared himself for this moment as this is tough tough climbing.)
  2. I watched three italian women almost get trampled by two cows having sex. ( I  wish my camera was not in my back pack.)
  3. I have gotten many prayer requests from friends, work associates and priests, keep them coming.
  4. I need to loose 20!!
  5. I miss my wife and daughter!  Going to bed, Goodnight

Why Walk for 8 days? Don’t you have a wife and kids to attend too?

Couple things before we get started on this walk-about.    First, I am not a writer, so don’t expect great English and grammar.  I know my high school English teacher and now friend who I admire greatly, Chris Alling, would look at these posts and wonder how I have gotten by all these years.  Second, I am going on this trip with my fathers, Jimbo and Christo, if you didn’t know I had two fathers, the cat is out of the bag. Jimbo is my birth father, I.T. in personality, which means any question I ask him the answer is NO. He and I are apples and oranges, but I love him more than anything! Christo is very quiet in speech but loyal and peaceful.   Third, the greatest girl in the world set this trip up, my wife.  Mandy and I have made it our “PURPOSE” in life to share our experiences with our families. We have enjoyed these past experiences so much that we are dedicated our life purpose to extend these great experiences to others through unique hospitality in our home town.   I love her more and more everyday, she is the foundation of the Dugan family and I am grateful so much for her support.  Finally,   Its been a dream of Jimbo’s to walk the Camino for sometime now, so here we go!!

So now you know why I am walking, say a prayer for Christo, Jimbo and I.

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